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    At MJ Re-Bath, we partner with you to help you design a bathroom that is both luxurious and functional. Many homeowners choose granite for their bathroom countertops, as it is so easy to care for, it adds timeless beauty to your bathroom, plus it significantly increases the value of your home. Let us help you update your bathroom with the beauty of a granite countertop.


    Granite, composed of igneous rock, comes in a wide variety of colors including tan, yellow, blue, red, pink, green, gray, white, and black. It can be speckled, veined, or dotted. Our experienced contractors will assist you in choosing the color that best accentuates your bathroom walls, floor, and vanity.


    Because granite is extremely hard, it is especially durable. Your granite countertop will last a lifetime. You can choose from three finishes: 1) Polished. This is the most popular finish, as it so easy to clean. 2) Honed. This finish is still smooth, but not as shiny and reflective as the polished finish. 3) Leather. This finish is created by moving diamond-tipped brushes across the surface, giving it a leather-like feel.


    Cleaning your granite countertop will be so easy: simply wipe it with warm water and a soft cloth. Mild cleaners are acceptable, but some acids and oils can stain granite.


    After choosing the color and finish for your granite countertop, you can relax, knowing that you made the best decision for your Eastern Idaho home. Then, after it's installed by our experienced contractors, you can enjoy the bathroom you've always wanted.

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